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 Secret ONI Base

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PostSubject: Secret ONI Base   Fri May 08, 2015 1:43 am

This secret ONI base is located on an uninhabited planet but it is still an ONI base and as such they report to HIGHCOM. The base is mostly underground and on the surface it has communication arrays and automated defenses to ensure its safety and security. The base has ships assigned to it, in case they need one or if someone should stumble upon the secret base. People live on the base and some of them never leave, some never want to leave. The base is fully self sustaining and has everything you need, however if you are a family man or woman then you may feel lonely on the base as families aren't allowed.

The base has a self destruct mechanism and also has a Spartan unit on standby in case they fall off the grid due to an alien incursion or something else...

The base has a full armory and the latest in hi-tech gear, weapons and gadgets. Everything the ONI would need for a Command as important as this, they have or can get if requested to the HIGHCOM.
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Secret ONI Base
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